Every fknn day this mouse eats what we give her and runs on her way. Isnt there a smarter way to catch them?? Like maybe mice built an intelligence and like rmr from the first night how she can eat and go

You should be real happy that i only have 5 weeks of this class and tomorrow is my last day bc that means i wont have to work with this idiot anymore and complain about him on here

Lol i rmr last year my classes were legit ” you should probs buy this textbook, do the fuck you want and we’ll see you at two exams and thats all im gonna evaluate you on” this year is like write this write that do exercices read this read that. Its so much more like things to do but idk im.kind of fine with it


nothing was funnier than 1d acting like midnight memories didn’t leak on 1d day

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Looool thank the lord the project is for wednesday and i told them i needed at the lastest all their parts tonight bc im going to sleep its 1:30 am and i received nothing from that fkn nuisance of a guy.

i hate people who say autumn is sweater weahter. i was wearing my wool sweater today and i was cold as fuck at 7 but i was hot in the afternooon. theres like this 2 hour window you can just wear a sweater outside and its good THIS IS NOT SWEATER WEATHER. winter is sweater weather bc youre literally always wearing a sweater. under your coat. in the house at parties like bitch.

Charlotte, North Carolina - 27.09

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When the beat drops in steal my girl

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Hiya hei, Handmade Notebook project continue!

  • hard cover
  • 13 x 21 x 1,3 cm contain about 50-65 pages depend on your choice of paper
  • Signed and numbered (there is certificate of authencity)
  • and one small print as bonus :D

Now available for purchase!! it is 25USD - shipping cost not included yet :) (paypal only)

You can pm me or send email to jerukcamui@gmail.com if you’re intersted, i will explain about cover and paper option personally. (and be hurry! i can only make limited amount, probably about 30 pieces max).

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